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  1. nature
    KK[ˋnetʃɚ] DJ[ˋneitʃə]
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. (常大寫)自然;自然界[U]

      Nature does not provide everything we want. 自然界並不提供我們所需要的一切東西。
    • 2. 自然狀態;純真,簡樸[U]

      He gave away all his modern possessions and returned to nature. 他捨棄一切時髦的東西而返璞歸真。
    • 3. 天性;性質;本質[C][U]

      The nature of iron differs greatly from that of wood. 鐵與木的性質有很大區別。
    • 4. 種類;類別[S]

      Things of that nature do not interest me. 我對那種事物不感興趣。
  3. 變化形

    • 名複: natures

  1. 知識+

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    英翻中"nature of offence"

    nature of offence - nature : 性質 - offence = offense : 犯罪 整句翻譯為 犯罪性質 (也就是...一般都會填none (除非是有犯過罪的才需要填寫) Description of "Nature of Offense" The nature of the offense is in regard to whether...

    英文文法問題_ the human-nature relat

    第36題 36. ________ depends on their ideas of the human-nature relationship. (1)What do with nature (2)Doing with nature (3...

    conservative nature是什麼意思?

    形容詞+nature指的是XX本質 consersative nature : 保守本質、性質 Based on ...他的保守本質,他不會將錢投資在股票市場。 Another example: friendly nature 友善的本質、性質 Due to his friendly nature, he can make friends...

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