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  1. 同意

    ZHUYIN[ㄊㄨㄥˊㄧˋ] PINYIN[tongyi]
    • 1. to agree; to approve; to assent to; to consent to; to accede to; to say yes; to give one's approval for sth.

    • 2. agreement; approval

    • to agree

      to consent

    • unanimous; consentient

      to agree unanimously

    • to go all the way; to agree fully with
    • note of approval
    • bilateral agreement
    • informed consent
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    ...丫頭,又怕一時有什麼 緣故 。」亦作「原故」。 "喜悅" "彼此" 同意複詞


    英文是: I can't agree with you nomore. 中文是翻譯成[我不能再同意你更多] 有點類似負負得正的感覺.所以意思是為[我非常的同意你] 同意的境界...


    ... in June. 他們訂婚了,將在六月結婚。 Engagement應為的同意字為 betrothal betrothal一般用在較正式或文件上。 betrothal的動詞型態為 betroth 可是...

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