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  1. 放鬆
    ZHUYIN[ㄈㄤˋㄙㄨㄥ] PINYIN[fangsong]
    • 1. to relax; to slack off; to ease up; to loosen; to release

    • to take off the handbrake
    • [Sports] a relaxation exercise; a limbering-up exercise
    • ease monetary policy
    • a rewind release lever; a camera back release
    • to loosen

      to relax

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    |約 1672 之 1-3 筆


    放鬆片刻 1.Relaxing Stage 2.Relaxing Session 3...


    放鬆是~ 譬如比賽很緊張~比賽完之後的感覺 舒暢,應該是 夏天吃冰棒之類的..

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