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  1. 精神
    ZHUYIN[ㄐㄧㄥㄕㄣˊ] PINYIN[jingshen]
    • 1. spirit; mind; consciousness

    • 2. the essence of

    • 3. vitality

    • spirit


    • vigor


    • sportsmanship
    • out of one's mind; off one's rocker

      crazy; deranged; insane

    • to lose one's mental balance

      mental disorder; out of one's mind

    • to encourage a military spirit;martial spirit


    • sanity

      in one's right mind

    • mentally deranged; mentally ill; insane; off one's head; of unsound mind

      to lose one's mind; to be out of one's wits

    • nervous breakdown

      to crack up

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