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  1. actually
    KK[ˋæktʃʊəlɪ] DJ[ˋæktjuəli]
  2. ad.副詞

    • 1. 實際上,真的

      Did you actually see him break the window? 你真的看到他打破窗戶嗎?She looks young, but she's actually 50. 她看上去年輕,可是實際上已五十歲了。
    • 2. 竟然

      She was so angry that she actually tore up the letter. 她一氣之下竟然將信撕碎了。
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    |約 3646 之 1-3 筆


    ...don't mind. Indeed, I am delighted to help. *actually: adverb(sourced from Cambridge Dictionary) fact or...


    It is actually what happens every time we move our body. = It...會使用關係代名詞輔助說明 您的句子如下 It is actually the thing. (主詞 + be + 受詞) 就是這個. It is actually...

    請問 actually 這單字可以放在句尾嗎?????

    ...句尾,也可以放在一般動辭之前,be詞之後!! 2008-11-23 16:21:59 補充: 放句首: Actually, it works. 放句尾: It works actually. 一般動詞之前: It...

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