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  1. affined
    KK[əˋfaɪnd] DJ[əˋfaind]
  2. a.形容詞

    • 1. 姻親的;同盟的

  1. 知識+

    |約 3 之 1-3 筆


    ...ideology aside, a hard life could still strengthen a person's mind and body, to re-affined them with the virtues of hard-working and humility, and afford...

    幫忙翻譯一下 洛杉磯結婚證書

    ... to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence, have declared of affined that they meet all the requirements of the law and the fees ...

    71 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤

    ...'s success in the examination was the first for a royal affined since Lord Kwangsong and Lord Yoyang.[11] ...― 71 ― 無論如何, 在儀式之後, ...

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