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  1. agriculture
    KK[ˋægrɪ͵kʌltʃɚ] DJ[ˋægrikʌltʃə]
  2. n [U]不可數名詞

    • 1. 農業,農耕

    • 2. 農藝,農學

  3. 同義字

    n. 農業,農耕
    • n.名詞

      農業; 農藝; 農學
    • ph.片語

    • 農學院
    • 糧食及農業組織
    • 輪墾
    • 【香港】 漁農自然護理署
  1. 知識+

    |約 272 之 1-3 筆


    The council of Agriculture:農業會議----We're going to have a...council -[名]議會;政務會(由委派或選舉之議會) Agriculture-[名]農業;農藝;農耕;農學 simultaneous -[形]同時...


    Modern agriculture is too dependent on pesticides, chemical fertilizers, ... the inner identity and action response, set up a foundation for the development of organic agriculture, promoting organic farming and the safety of processed ...


    "The animal agriculture Chuang" is a with the animal Feng Yu...and then give up, this just is a real failure. The agriculture animals will firmness within Chuang, help each other...

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