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  1. an
    KK[æn] DJ[æn]
  2. art.冠詞

    • 1. 一

      It took us an hour and a half to finish the job. 我們花了一個半鐘頭才做完。Stan is an old friend of mine. 斯坦是我的一位老朋友。
    • 2. 任一

      In Britain, an engine driver is a person who drives a railway engine. 在英國,engine driver指火車司機。
    • 3. 某一

      An American student wants to see you. 一位美國學生想見你。
    • 4. 每一

      He was paid seven dollars an hour. 他每小時的薪資是七元。
    • abbr.abbreviation

      = [Lat] ante(= before)

      = [Lat] anno(= in the year)

    • suf.字尾

      表示……地方的(人),……時期的(人)(如:Asian, Victorian


    • abbr.abbreviation

      = [Physics] actinon
    • abbr.abbreviation

      = Anglo-Norman
    • suf.字尾

    • pref.字首

    • 限定詞

    • abbr.abbreviation

      = answer
    • abbr.abbreviation

      = are not

      = am not

  1. 知識+

    |約 42523 之 1-3 筆

    a & an 分不清

    常聽到a e i o u 就要用 an , 其實並非這些字母 本身, 而是這些發音前面要接 an. 例如 an hour , 為何用...爾" 那麼就會用 a hour (但我們不念 "ㄏㄠ爾") 所以要不要用 an 並非看 其後面字母本身 而是用其發音來判斷. 回到題目: HDD 如意見...


    an---is indefinite article; determiner used when the following word begins with a vowel sound; eg:-an awful noise; an elephant; an hour; When putting a or an before a set of...

    half an hour

    1.half an hour (O) 2. an half hour (X) ==> a half hour 3. half hours (X) ==> half hour "half an hour" and "a half hour" are all used commonly, for example...

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