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  1. applause
    KK[əˋplɔz] DJ[əˋplɔ:z]
  2. n [U]不可數名詞

    • 1. 鼓掌歡迎,喝采

      His every sentence was followed by a burst of applause. 他的每一句話都贏得一陣掌聲。
    • 2. 稱讚,嘉許

      The tax reform was met with unanimous applause. 稅制改革得到眾口一詞的稱讚。
  1. 知識+

    |約 117 之 1-3 筆

    To rousing applause at the United Nations, Obama said Sunday he is committing the United States ... 前面是翻譯為哪一個? 1.為了在聯合國獲得贊同 2.在聯合國熱烈的掌聲中?

    ...同樣的用法,(只可惜搔不到癢處) To rousing applause, President Barack Obama told...up to / facing up to) an audience of rousing applause receiving an rousing applause from the audience...

    中翻英--Applause often....

    Applause often interrupts these talks; no outside speakers could appeal...


    Everyone burst into applause. 眾人爆出掌聲。 burst into 稱為「片語動詞」,意思是「突然爆出、迸出或突然...

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