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  1. arthritis
    KK[ɑrˋθraɪtɪs] DJ[ɑ:ˋθraitis]
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. 【解】關節炎

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    Arthritis with sore back and pain in the waist: Mostly if the upper trunk overweighted... not able to stand long or to walk so long. People having arthritis combining with overweighted problem, their knee joints...


    arthritis n. ( 名詞 noun ) 【事】 【醫】 關節炎

    「 of little use」? @@; 越看越奇怪... all. 英文網頁新聞: Painkillers taken by millions of arthritis sufferers worldwide are actually of limited use in relieving...

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