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  1. astonishingly

    KK[əˋstɑnɪʃɪŋlɪ] DJ[əˋstɔniʃiŋli]
  2. ad.副詞

    • 1. 令人驚訝地

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    |約 10 之 1-3 筆


    ...seem that news of his poor American deal did not. For, astonishingly, the Russians went on to become the third victims of...


    mobilize, UK ALSO mobilise verb 1 [T] to organize or prepare something, such as a group of people, for a purpose: Representatives for all the main candidates are trying to mobilize voter support. 為了某個目的, 組織或準備一組人 2 [I or...

    可以幫我看一下文法嗎 (長篇文章) speak English which was taken as a native or foreign language,astonishingly, this figure is still increasing with a rapid speed.

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