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  1. beetle off
    • 1. 【口】急速移動(步行或乘車); 急急忙忙

      The kids beetled off home. 孩子們急急忙忙回家去了。
    • 匆忙跑開
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    請問英文詩歌A Bird Came Down的中文翻譯?

    ...sidewise to the wall 然後,閃身蹦向牆邊, To let a beetle pass. 讓過甲蟲一隻。 He glanced with rapid...for a seam, 銀痕太過耀眼, Or butterflies, off banks of noon, 蝶兒飛渡正午堤岸, Leap...

    英文翻中文....盡快..感激不盡.. a zigzag path,flashing its light on and off very quickly to confuse the animal pursuing it. 一樣... can also produce light.Fireflies,small beetles that live in many warmer parts of the world...


    ...' Home Sharded in black, like beetles, Frail as antique earthenwear One breath might...the old ghosts flock To hustle them off the lawn. From beds boxed-in like...

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