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  1. break one's word
    • 1. 不守諾言

      He broke his word. 他食言。
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    (1) at the end of one's rope 計窮力竭 She's at the end of her...boyfriend when I knew he cheated. (41) break one's word 不守諾言 She broke her word upon ...

    keep one's promise 用這個片語寫出完整句子

    ...would accomplish every assignment his supervisor give him through any mean. 2 break one's promise Not to break her promise to her son to arrive at...

    A- Z 開頭的片語

    ...除了一輛汽車,我想不出需要什麼。 B:break one's word 失信 Tom is an irresponsible man becouse...pass the exam. 湯姆十之八九會通過考試。 to one's taste 合味口 Japanese food is not...

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