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  1. bug spray
    • 1. 殺蟲劑

      There are so many bugs in this room. Do we have any bug spray? 這房間裡有這麼多小蟲。我們有沒有殺蟲劑?I was bothered by cockroaches all night. Do we have any bug spray? 我整夜被蟑螂煩擾。我們有沒有殺蟲劑?
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    As for garden bugs, hold _____ on pesticide and make a garlic spray instead. The recipe: Puree 15 garlic cloves and one pint of water...1. hold out on = refuse to deal with 拒絕與 ...... 打交...

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    ... is a problem that every farmer or gardener has. Most people spray the leaves of their plants with chemicals that kill bugs and snails. This keeps the pests away, but the ...

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