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  1. can't
    KK[kænt] DJ[kænt]
    • 1. = can not

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    why can't 的改寫

    課本上的例句 Why can't you go with us? 那我如果改寫的時候 應該怎麼寫? ...例如: 不過,“Who can't come here...

    ”one can't be too careful”意思

    ...我們再怎麼強調誠實也不為過。 這是在網路上找到的例句: You cannot overfeed a kitten so don't be afraid to give her too much. 你再怎麼多餵也沒關係,所以不要怕給你...

    Can't you open the door?

    Can't you open the door? 與 Can you not open the door? 文法都正確,但他們...的句子, not 是否定副詞,可以拿來修飾動詞,所以擺的位置要很小心, "Can't you open the door?" ,not 緊接著 can 所以是說 『你不能打開門嗎?』,大概...

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