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  1. cell phone
  2. ph.片語

    • 1. 行動電話,手機(等於 cellular phone 或 mobile phone)

    • ph.片語

    • ph.片語

    • ph.片語

    • ph.片語

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    |約 7 之 1-3 筆

    手機可更換外殼顏色, 用哪個字較恰當?

    ...的那種:leather case 手機外殼可以更換 The skin / cover / skin cover on the cellphone can be changed.

    急!!!跪求英語高手幫我改英文作文 20點!!!!!!!!

    ... to other students or groups when the teacher is unaware of. Thus, cell phone should be prohibited with... with their cellphones because teachers aren'...

    急急急急....幫我翻譯”門號價”英文 這3個字

    ...台灣大哥大" and "遠傳電信"的網站, 都是用 "plans" or "rate plans."

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