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  1. cut down on
    • 1. 削減

      I shall cut his allowance down on ten dollars a week. 我要把他的津貼減為每星期十元。The doctor told him to cut down his consumption of fat. 醫生建議他減少脂肪的攝取量。I won't have a cigarette, thanks -- I'm trying to cut down. 謝謝, 我不抽菸--我正在盡量少抽。
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    Cutting down, eating up

    cut down on sth. = reduce on sth. (eg. spendingtoo much) 減少(花費太多)eat up = 吃箇...意思而是減少什的意思 Cut down our body weight = 減輕體重Cut down on smoking = 少抽點菸 參考看看

    兩句英文的說法 請協助 have pay cuts on your salary. If you want to use "cut down on". It general will be used as cut down on salary costs...


    ... ability. 8. in case of In case of fire, open this safety door. 9.(to)cut down on You have to cut down on your expenses. 10. by far He...

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