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  1. cut down to
    • 1. 說服某人降低價格

      He was asking 400 pounds for the car, but we cut him down to 350 pounds. 這輛汽車他要價400英鎊, 但是我們把價殺到350英鎊。
    • 把...減小到一定的大小(或多少)

      【口】使知分寸, 使有自知之明

    • 降低……的威望
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    ...down --- Due to the economy, the company needs to cut down the budget that means some employees will...up on me while I was talking to him on the telephone.當我正在與他講電話時, 他...

    國中英文 未來式 be going to

    ...著重在 「要如何」,表示想要或意願,例如: I am going to cut down the tree. 我要把這棵樹砍下來。 這裡用 am going to cut down 表示...

    6個片語造句 (中翻英)...

    ...承諾要減少廢料的製造量。Present tense: The factory promises to cut down the waste production.Past tense: The factory promised to cut down...

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