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  1. cut down to size
    • 1. 把...減小到一定的大小(或多少)

      cut the players of a team down to fighting size 把球隊隊員人數減少到實戰需要
    • 2. 【口】使知分寸, 使有自知之明

      He thought he was the brightest student in the class, but the teacher soon cut him down to size. 他自以為是全班最聰明的學生, 但老師立刻斥責他不要自我陶醉。Your boss isn't just trying to cut you down to size, but actually to get rid of you. 你的老板不僅僅是想要降低你的威信, 實際上是要把你攆走。
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    ...which has been pre-dipped in the comfort coating, will be cut down to size, sanded, then the fittings put in to attach to the tubing...


    ...amp;quot;低鹽"日常用品, 4.if you like to eat meat,trim all visible fat. 如果你想要吃肉,要去除...加工的蔬菜點心. 買些像是椒鹽脆類的健康點心 7.cut down on portion size so you don't eat too much unhealthy food...


    ...surface clean for both mirrors 首先原本的鏡子跟產品的鏡子都要擦拭乾淨 Cutting the doubled-sided tape to appropriate size 把雙面膠裁切適當大小 Align, paste and done! 對齊粘貼, 輕鬆簡單...

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