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  1. delinquent
    KK[dɪˋlɪŋkwənt] DJ[diˋliŋkwənt]
  2. a.形容詞

    • 1. 怠忽職守的

    • 2. 到期未付的,拖欠的

      He is delinquent in paying his rent. 他拖欠房租。
    • 3. 有過失的;犯法的


    • 1. 青少年罪犯;違法者;有過失者[C]

      a juvenile delinquent 少年犯
  3. 變化形

    • 名複: delinquents

    • n.名詞

    • adj 形容詞

    • 行為不良的人,流氓怠忽的,有過失的
    • delinquent的名詞複數
    • ph.片語

    • 少年犯
  1. 知識+

    |約 19 之 1-3 筆

    請問take prevision是什麼意思

    Headquarter regularly takes provision for the payment delinquent over 90 days 總公司定期為超過90天尚未收到錢的應收帳款提列壞帳準備...

    英文翻譯 關於青少年犯罪

    Delinquent behavior, defined as the violation of legally established codes...single delinquent act, a single episode of multiple illegal acts, occasional but repetitive delinquent exploits, or commitment to a consistently delinquent way of life. 節錄自《...


    ...from error and returning to a rightful course.(e.g: The reclamation of delinquent children.) 5. Redemption - (theology) the act of saving someone...

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