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  1. dust mite
  2. ph.片語

    • 1. 【昆】塵蹣

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    塵蹣的台語怎唸 ?

    「塵蹣」,從英文『dust  mite』翻來;蹣,蹣跚、踰牆之意; 似與原文不符;蹣,可能只是mite的音譯之字...

    急 20點 翻譯成英文~拜託了

    ...because of environmental or diet issues,and the major source of alergy is the dust mites . Our conditioner is able to not only keep constant temperature but also to...


    When you are indoors, mold, dust mites and pet dander can be allergy offender.當你在室內的時候,黴、塵蟎和寵物皮屑可能...

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