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  1. expensive
    KK[ɪkˋspɛnsɪv] DJ[iksˋpensiv]
  2. a.形容詞

    • 1. 高價的;昂貴的;花錢的[+to-v]

      Your dress must have been expensive. 你的衣服一定很貴。It is expensive to stay in that hotel. 住那家旅館很貴。I can't afford that expensive toy. 我買不起那昂貴的玩具。
  3. 變化形

    • 形變: more expensive,most expensive

  4. 同義字

    a. 高價的;昂貴的
  5. 反義字

    「a. 高價的;奢侈的」的反義字:
    • adj 形容詞

      昂貴的; 奢侈的; 豪華的; 代價高的
    • 貴的,奢華的,費用浩大的
    • expensive的形容詞最高級
    • expensive的形容詞比較級
    • adj 形容詞

  1. 知識+

    |約 1801 之 1-3 筆

    God bless you too expensive的意思

    ...happiness that trouble has passed,you are safe ! It's too expensive=Don't mention the price,but in a friendlier way=expensive. ----expensive...

    請問有 very expensive than 的用法嗎

    ...)是最高級後面不能接 "than" P.S.所以沒有"very expensive than"的用法喔 想法2: "expensive" 是 "貴" 的意思, "...

    英文問題*1...expensive * high

    ...很高。很划算。 The price is high/low. The bag is expensive/cheap. 英文用法中,價格要用高/低來形容;貴/便宜是用來形容產品,不是...

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