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  1. father
    KK[ˋfɑðɚ] DJ[ˋfɑ:ðə]
  2. n.[C] 可數名詞

    • 1. 父親,父

      You have been like a father to me. 你一直像父親一樣待我。
    • 2. 創始人;設計者;發明者[(+of)]

      George Washington is called the father of his country. 喬治‧華盛頓被稱為國父。A.G. Bell was the father of the telephone. 貝爾是電話的發明者。
    • 3. 祖先;前輩[P1]

      They still follow the tradition of their fathers. 他們仍然繼承著他們祖先的傳統。
    • 4. (大寫)神父

    • 5. (大寫)上帝;聖父[the/our S]


    • 1. 做……的父親

      He fathered a daughter at the age of fifty. 他五十歲時生下一個女兒。
    • 2. 創始;創立

      Einstein fathered relativity. 愛因斯坦創立了相對論。
  3. 變化形

    • 名複: fathers

    • 動變: fathered,fathered,fathering

  4. 同義字

    vt. 創始;創立

    n. (大寫)神父

    n. 父親,父

  5. 反義字

    「n. 父親」的反義字:
    • n.名詞



    • vt 及物動詞


      發明; 創立

    • n.名詞



    • 父親,神父,創始者當…的父親,保護,創作,發明,培養
    • abbr.abbreviation

      = father; clergyman

      = France; French

    • abbr.abbreviation

      = fast release (relay) 快速釋放(繼電器)

      = field relay 勵磁繼電器

    • abbr.abbreviation

      = franc

      = from

    • father的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • father的名詞複數
    • father的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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