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  1. gold bug
  2. ph.片語

    • 1. 金黃龜甲;金色甲蟲

    • 2. 【口】主張金本位者;主張用黃金作為投資資本的人

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    ... records and won two Olympic gold medals as part of Team USA. ... for McDonal’s and even a movie with Bugs Bunny. It is clear that Jordan...

    問個英文簡單問題 a daisy 有吸引力的as good as 和...幾乎一樣as good as gold (小孩)很乖as good as one's word 守信as green as grass 幼稚...silent as the grave 寂靜無聲的as smooth as silk 光滑as snug as a bug in a rug 非常舒適安逸as sober as a judge 非常清醒的as solid...

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