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    動物 或是 昆蟲的英文 越多越好~

    ...cockcroach 蟑螂, praying-mantis 螳螂, grasshopper 蚱蜢, caterpiller 甲蟲, butterfly 蝴蝶, housefly蒼蠅, bee 蜜蜂, cricket 蟋蟀, ladybird 瓢蟲


    ...damselfly (豆娘) a kind of dragonfly dobsonfly (蛇蜻蜓) gadfly (牛虻) horsefly (馬蠅) housefly (家蠅) same thing as a fly mayfly (蜉蝣) medfly (果蠅) also known as fruitfly...


    ...but still go though bumper-to-bumper on the road. The taxi driver wears housefly glasses, looks unfriendly. It let my agitated...