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  1. in trouble
    • 1. 在危險(或受罰、痛苦、憂慮等)的處境中

      My friend is in great trouble about his child. 我的朋友為了他的孩子陷入困境。If we can't keep to the schedule, we'll be in (a lot of) trouble. 我們不按時完成計劃就要倒(大)楣了。I'm in trouble with the police over drugs. 我因毒品落入警方手中。
    • 2. 【口】(指未婚女子)懷孕

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    ...使用,作為句子的主詞或補語; You are in trouble. From eight to twelve is my ...from among the crowd 2014-10-20 12:12:59 補充: "in trouble" 在 "you are in trouble" 中是名詞...

    英文文法題目的問題 my classmates who helped me out when l was in trouble. ==> l was grateful to my classmates for helping...


    Polly sympathizes easily with people in trouble, so her friends go to her with... with (對某人產生同情心) 受詞:people in trouble (是個形容詞片語,指「遭遇麻煩、困難的人」 副詞...

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