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  1. insect repellent
  2. noun

    • 1. a substance that deters insects from approaching or settling:

      mosquitoes are kept at bay by the slow burning of an insect repellent
  3. 變化形

    • n.: noun: insect repellent, plural noun: insect repellents

  1. 知識+

    |約 4 之 1-3 筆


    ...Repellent lotion 2007-08-23 14:35:13 補充: Insect 是昆蟲 Insect Repellent 是驅蟲劑

    英文單字 給我kk音標+意思

    ...son不拉客---防曬乳 sarong ㄙㄜˇ ㄖㄨㄥˋ---紗籠 insect repellent ㄧㄣˋ ㄙㄟ ㄎ ㄘㄜ ㄌㄨㄧ ㄆㄟ ㄌ...34:05 補充: 你有一ㄍ地方拼錯ㄌ......第三ㄍ...是repellent不是repellant 考試別寫錯囉.....提醒你一下.....


    ... B. plant residues return to nature the circle C. plant natural insect repellent characteristics do properly as environmental protection and food safety

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