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  1. jump to a conclusion
    • 1. (未經全面考慮)匆匆作出結論

      We should never jumped to a conclusion. 任何時候都不應草率地下結論。Why did you jump to the conclusion that we could not afford your car? 你怎能憑空武斷我們買不起你的車呢?
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    ...不完全清楚 其中一人馬上就下了自己的結論 對方並不一定認同 He jumps to a conclusion. 差別還是在有否指定

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    ...狀況太糟了,根本無法找到解決問題之道。 原英文有些不正確處。試改寫: A sensible person will certainly not jump to conclusions. Lora jumped at the request to join forces with us for...


    ... within a short time frame. (For example, she is always quick to jump to a conclusion. Let me take a quick shower) Faster: it is referring...

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