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      We must keep abreast with times. 我們必須跟上時代的步伐。They always keep abreast with what is going on by reading the newspaper. 他們總是通過讀報紙及時了解情形。
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    ... is why mothers who want to keep abreast of trends usually turn to the experts...盡速媽媽們的皮夾子,你就必須些贏的他們女兒的. With a DJ playing various kinds of...


    ...做(某事) in no time (at all)立刻;赶快;馬上  keep time(鐘表)走得准  many a time常常;多次  on time...的時間, 非?獨值氖奔?a pretty time of it不愉快的處境abreast of [with] the times(=in with the times)与時代并進...


    ...for the crowd. The Festival ends with the Miss Teuila Pageant, ... Teuila Pageant web site to keep abreast of all the preparations leading up to...

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