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  1. keep company with
    • 1. 與...在一起

      She stayed at home to keep company with her younger sister. 她留在家裡陪伴她妹妹。
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    keep you company”??

    ...去B家裡陪B, 可能一個在廚房忙一個在打電腦, 但互相的感覺是keep company with each other, 是靜態的在一起. 而未一起行動. Does your plan keep you...


    1. Is it a bad happit that I lean on the feeling which you keep company with ? 2. Unconsciously, I lean on the feeling which you keep...


    根據Collins英英字典的解釋: If you keep company with someone or a particular kind of person, you "spend a lot of time with them...

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