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      I am trying to keep in touch with my old friends. 我正在設法和我的老朋友保持連絡。As they were both amateur radio enthusiasts, they were able to keep in touch with each other over the air. 他們倆人都是無線電愛好者﹐所以他們日常能用無線電來相互進行聯繫。
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    By mail 請問該要如何改?

    By mail, it is easy to keep in touch with distant friends and family. 除非您是非常想要「強調」“by mail”的方式...


    ... you kept in contact with your friends ? Have you kept in touch with your friends ?


    ... hope you'll keep in touch. 希望以后常保持联络。 We'll keep in touch with you. 我们将和你保持联系。 Sure. I'll keep in touch with...

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