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  1. kind of
    • 1. 有一點

      The police kind of suspected that he was not telling the truth. 警察有點懷疑他沒有說實話。He was kind of sad because his best friend moved away. 他的至交搬走了, 他有點傷心。
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    different kind of prepositioin

    ..., it can still have the other two you have listed case (a); "kinds of prepositions" is to talk about types (種類) of ...

    some kind of...後面所接詞性問題!

    為何kind of後面可接形容詞? 如some kind of tired,some kind of wonderful 答 : kind of 是屬於較口語的片語 , 又等於 : sort of...當然可以修飾形容詞 . ex. It's kind of late. I'd better ...

    some kind of / of some kind

    ...可以寫成下句 The dessert looked like some kind of fruit pie.嗎?2. He's in some kind of like some more tea? (是否要添加某飲料) What kind of tea do you like to drink? (詢問平常愛喝哪種茶)

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