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  1. let fly
    • 1. 向...猛烈射擊, 猛擲某物

      He aimed carefully and then let fly. 他仔細瞄準之後便開了槍。
    • 2. 憤怒地責備或批評(某人)

      Furious at his deceit, she let fly at him with a stream of abuse. 他欺騙人, 氣得她把他大罵了一頓。
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    |約 489 之 1-3 筆

    英文諺語有動詞 fly 和 jump的

    ... flies like an arrow. A word spoken is an arrow let fly.Flying termites fly into the fire.Man standing there...


    My love is to remove my own wings for you (in order) to let you fly. 或 My love is to remove the wings of my own for you...


    ... it so much Robot, robot, robot, I will turn you on, and lets fly. Robot, robot, There are electronical storms in ...

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