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  1. moth
  2. noun

    • 1. an insect with two pairs of broad wings covered in microscopic scales, typically drably coloured and held flat when at rest. Moths are chiefly nocturnal, and lack the clubbed antennae of butterflies.

    • 2. a clothes moth.

  3. 變化形

    • n.: noun: moth, plural noun: moths

    • n.名詞

      a chiefly nocturnal insect related to the butterflies. It lacks the clubbed antennae of butterflies and typically has a stout body, drab coloration, and wings that fold flat when resting.
    • adjective

      damaged or destroyed by moths.

      old-fashioned and no longer appropriate or useful.

    • adjective

      damaged or destroyed by clothes moths.

      shabby, old, or in bad condition:

    • n.名詞

      a small, grayish moth whose larva feeds on apples.
    • noun

      a small greyish moth whose larvae feed on apples.
    • n.名詞

      a large white European moth with black spots, the larvae of which tunnel into trees and can cause damage.
    • noun

      a reddish-brown moth with a velvety black and orange caterpillar.
    • noun

      a small greyish moth which displays a pattern of diamonds along its back when the wings are folded. The caterpillar can be a pest of brassicas and other cultivated vegetables.
    • n.名詞

      a small fish with bony plates covering the body and large pectoral fins that spread out horizontally like wings. It lives in the warmer waters of the Indo-Pacific.
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    我以前只聽說過moth,廣義來說,它就代表所有的蛾。 如果...夜蛾或夜蛾科之各種蛾、夜蛾科的。


    A moth possesses 2 pairs of wings that function as a single pair and...兩雙翅膀,其功能如同一雙翅膀一樣,而且身上覆蓋著討人厭的鱗片。 A moth(主詞) possesses (第一個動詞)2 pairs of wings(受詞...


    codling moth:(幼蟲寄生在蘋果等果實的)內蠹蛾 此句得意思是 :第一隻孵化成功的毛毛蟲---內蠹蛾幼蟲---會吃掉其他還未孵化的卵(其他的同伴)

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