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  1. not to be sneezed at
    • 1. 不可輕視

      A prize of 50 pounds in the lottery is not to be sneezed at. 五十鎊的彩券獎金不可輕視。
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    I have got a nose problem

    ...'s so cruel to tell you that to get rid of them, but the truth is, it's better not to keep pet at home if you have this kind of problem.) And also keep warm of your head...


    ... better not to go there during ...a cup of coffee, and to be polite, you should drink it...they think staring at others for a long...malicious. Moreover, sneezing and blowing one...


    ...南瓜變成了一個美麗,飾有金箔的馬車。 The fairy godmother then went to look for the mousetrap. In it were six sprightly of the trap, and as each mouse scampered out she tapped...

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