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  1. on no account
    • 1. 無論如何絕不(可)

      My name must on no account be mentioned to anyone. 我的名字絕對不要向任何人提及。I made my mind up that on no account could I agree to such a principle. 我下決心無論如何不同意這樣的準則。On no account leave the prisoner unguarded. 這個囚犯決不能沒人看守。
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    on no account是否定用詞,用來修飾述部時,放在第一個助動詞之後,如移到句首時,會造成句子要強制倒裝(助動詞隨之移到主詞之前). On no account should the mixture come near boiling on no account = under no circumstances...


    這句的寫法只要加上一個冠詞[a], 就完全正確. On no account are you to touch an electrical appliance with a


    ...忽視。 on account of 因為。 on (at) all accounts 在任何情況下。 on no account 決不;切莫。 take account of (=take into account) 考慮。

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