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  1. out of the question
    • 1. 不可能的

      We can't go in this weather, it's out of the question. 這樣的天氣我們不能去, 那是不可能的事。Sunday is unfortunately out of the question, as I have to speak at a meeting on that day. 很遺憾, 星期天不可能, 因為那天我必須在一個會上發言。I have so much work to do that a holiday for me this year is out of the question. 我有許多工作要做, 今年對我來說假期是不容考慮的了。
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    • 不可能的
    • 不可能的,辦不到的


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    |約 1568 之 1-3 筆


    1.out of the question : (成語)不可能 (=impossible) 例句--For me to lend you...英語字詞網站 hold the bag To be left with empty hands. To be ...


    out of the question 不可能 out of question 沒問題 其實建議你先把out of question 這句話先熟記,當你看到out of the question 就很容易分辨了.


    ...看看這幾個成語 in question Under consideration or discussion.討論或考慮中 out of the question Not worth considering; impossible不值得考慮、不可能 至於 out...

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