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  1. out of touch
  2. ph.片語

    • 1. 不諳時勢的,脫離現實的

    • 2. (人)不熟悉的,(很久)不來往的

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    ... took a trip to Seattle last week. 彼得上禮拜去西雅圖玩。 out of touch 沒有聯絡 Peter has been out of touch with Alice for...


    ...discriminate against minority group. 我們不能歧視少數民族 15. He is out of touch with modern society. 他與現代社會脫節 (他與現實脫節)(他不熟悉現代社會...


    你翻的還不錯,只是有一個地方要注意一下: 1."from them on we out of touch with each other. " 這一句沒有動詞唷!! 而且你 them 應該是打錯了吧...

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