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  1. owing to
    • 1. 因為

      Owing to our joint efforts, the task was fulfilled ahead of schedule. 由於我們共同努力, 任務提前完成了。
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    owing to & due to & because

    how to use owing to , due to and because in sentance ?1. owing to: 由於... (另一個 because of 則... a car    accident.   The basketball game was cancelled owing to    rain.2. due to: 應把 (原因) 歸於...一般認為owing to...

    Owing to翻譯??怎麼翻??

    ...的快畢業了! 我在6.10畢業~ 迎接畢業季的到來~ Owing to the coming graduation, I write this letter...簡潔! (純粹給你參考,沒有攻擊的意味!) 另外Owing to my coming graduation, I am...

    幫忙中翻英 要翻譯正確唷 20點 即需高手

    Owing to the popularity of information and the well-progressive technology, the movie now has become... that the movie also results in the negative effects to people in many respects while people enjoys seeing movie and...

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