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  1. pawnshop
    KK[ˋpɔn͵ʃɑp] DJ[ˋpɔ:nʃɔp]
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. 當舖

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    ... a lot of, there is sentence rightness of very good, is "west pawnshop thing pawnshop in the east pawnshop pawn object"." A very naughty student...


    He redeemed the wedding ring from the pawnshop for his wife. 的翻譯 他從當舖裡幫他太太贖回結婚戒指。 希望有幫到

    英文中翻英 翻譯兩封信

    ...really An a go to be the clerk in the musical instrument in the department store pawnshop member A carefully an extroversive I for to choose which not just very certain...

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