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  1. probably
    KK[ˋprɑbəblɪ] DJ[ˋprɔbəbli]
  2. ad.副詞

    • 1. 大概,或許,很可能

      He will probably refuse the offer. 他很可能會拒絕這一提議。
    • adv 副詞

    • 可能,大概,或許
    • 今天下午可能轉晴
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    ...original form, therefore "am" change to "be". Po will probably be in class tomorrow. "probably" is an adverb, its position in the...

    probably 句子的文法問題

    1:為什麼left要要過去式? 形容已經發生的事情就要用過去式。 2:我可以把probably換成同意思的maybe嗎? 可以。但句子變成: Maybe he left the books...


    ...但這兩個英文字有出現在下面這篇文章, 我推斷Probably-obably-obably的意思是「大約」, Approximately... Wilbure to the goose.   "Probably-obably-obably about half-past eleven," said the...

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