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  1. progress

    KK[prəˋgrɛs] DJ[prəuˋgres]
  2. vi.不及物動詞

    • 1. 前進;進行

      The building of the railroad is progressing. 鐵路正在建造中。
    • 2. 上進,提高,進步

      The boy has progressed in his studies. 這男孩學習方面有進步。
  3. 變化形

    • 動變: progressed,progressed,progressing

  4. 同義字

    vi. 進展;進步
    • n [U]不可數名詞



    • n 名詞

      [U] the process of getting better at doing something, or getting closer to finishing or achieving something 進步; 進展


    • v [I]不及物動詞

      to develop over a period of time and become something better or more complete 進步; 進展


    • U前進,進步,進展前進,進步,進展
    • 進行中
    • ph.片語

    • 進展
    • n [C]可數名詞

      a statement about how something, especially work, is advancing or developing 工作進展報告
    • 報告經過
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    |約 1724 之 1-3 筆


    名詞 前進,行進 They made slow progress towards the mountaintop. 他們向山頂緩慢地前進。 進步,上進... was wondering what is the progress of my surgery assessment ? 2我想知道什麼是我的手術...


    Progress lives which along with the humanity, regarding the energy demand is increasingly high, but because the ...39;ing and the oxygen, generates electricity using the hydrogen. Because of the semiconductor technology progress, causes the manufacture solar cell the production cost to drop, then causes the solar cell the use universalization...

    英文造句 急需

    ... will bring us all into harmony. 這將使我們大家和睦融洽。 3.progress:前進,行進 They made slow progress towards the mountaintop. 他們向山頂...

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