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  1. realize

    KK[ˋrɪə͵laɪz] DJ[ˋriəlaiz]
  2. vt.[W]

    • 1. 領悟,了解,認識到[+(that)][+wh-]

      I realized what he meant. 我明白了他的意思。Does he realize his mistake yet? 他意識到他的錯誤了嗎?
    • 2. 實現;使成為事實

      Her wish to become a movie star was finally realized. 她當電影明星的願望終於實現了。
    • 3. 【書】把(證券,產業等)變賣;(以變賣產業等)獲(利)[(+on)];售得,賣得


    • 1. 變賣產業為現錢

  3. 變化形

    • 動變: realized,realized,realizing

    • also 又作 -ise BrE -【英】 /`riəˏlaɪz; ˈrɪəlaɪz/ v -[T not usually in progressive 一般不用進行式]

      ►KNOW STH'S IMPORTANCE 知道某事物的重要性◄ to know and understand the importance of something 知道﹐了解﹐認識到〔某事物的重要性〕

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      realize (that)

      realize who/what/how etc

    • 瞭解,實現,使顯得逼真,把…變為現金變賣為現金
    • vt.【主英】[W]



    • vi.不及物動詞

    • 變賣
    • 覺悟


    • 實現
    • 變賣
    • 從…賺得
  1. 知識+

    |約 3558 之 1-3 筆

    誰能給我東大特訓班 Melody-Realize 的中翻

    ...るでしょ   wake up,stand up  なんどでも  get up and try  carry on...I realize   I realize   that we can get there  I can まよわずに すすもう...


    realize v. to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly 例句: As he watched the TV drama, he suddenly realized (that) he'd seen it before realize有那種一下子突然想通,豁然開朗的意思...


    ...るでしょ wake up,stand up なんどよでも get up and try※ carry on... I realize I realize that we can get there I can まよわずに すすもう ね...

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