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  1. remain

    KK[rɪˋmen] DJ[riˋmein]
  2. vi.[W]

    • 1. 剩下,餘留

      A few pears remain on the trees. 樹上尚留有幾顆梨子。
    • 2. 繼續存在

      Little of the original architecture remains. 原先的建築物幾乎片瓦不留。
    • 3. (人)留下;逗留

      She remained in her office all afternoon. 她整個下午沒有離開辦公室。
    • 4. 保持,仍是[L]

      This room remains cool all summer. 這個房間整個夏天保持涼爽。She remained silent all night. 她整個晚上沉默不語。
    • 5. 留待,尚待[+to-v]

      Several problems remain to be solved. 有好幾個問題尚待解決。
    • 6. 屬於,歸屬[(+with)]

      The decision remains with the general manager. 還得由總經理作決定。
  3. 變化形

    • 動變: remained,remained,remaining

  4. 同義字

    vi. 繼續;持續
  5. 反義字

    「vi. 剩下;繼續存在」的反義字:
    • v 動詞

      [I always+adv/prep, linking verb 連繫動詞] to continue to be in the same state or condition 繼續﹐依然

      [I] formal -to stay in the same place without moving away 【正式】停留﹐留下

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      remain to be done

      it only remains for me to say/thank etc (=used to introduce the last remark in a speech or meeting) 最後我想說/要感謝等

    • 逗留,留待


    • n.(複數)



    • a.形容詞

    • n 名詞


      the remains (of) -the parts of something that are left after the rest has been destroyed or has disappeared 剩下的東西[部分]; 遺跡

    • adj 形容詞

      [only before noun 僅用於名詞前] the remaining people or things are those that are left when the others have gone, been used, or been dealt with 留下的; 剩餘的﹐其餘的
    • 剩下的
    • 剩餘物,廢墟,殘餘
    • 屬于,歸於…
  1. 知識+

    |約 3498 之 1-3 筆

    leave and remain 的差別?

    remain (動詞) 意指:保持、仍然、繼續存在 用法1: (一般常用用法)→ remain(動詞) + 副詞 例句: My mother wants....(即將放假兩週) 1. The catastrophe remained the local inhabitants homeless. 大災難仍然...


    關於remain這個連綴動詞 後面可以加 adj. N. as N . remain 是不及物動詞或稱為 連綴動詞 . 主詞 + 不及物動詞 + 主詞補語 [S...


    remain比較有殘跡、保留的意味.英文解釋是:to continue in the same given state當初是怎樣交給你,就繼續那個樣兒,是比較消極的狀態維持. 例句: He remains a bachelor.他還是個單身漢. If you take away 7 from 10, 3 remains...

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