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  1. she
    KK[ʃi] DJ[ʃi:]
  2. pron.代名詞

    • 1. (主格)她

      How can you talk to her like that? She's your mother. 你怎麼能這樣對她說話?她可是你的母親啊。
    • 2. (用來指雌性動物或國家,船舶,地球,月亮等)她,它

      That's my new car. She's beautiful, isn't she? 那是我的新車。很漂亮,對不對?I patted the dog and she wagged her tail. 我拍拍狗,它就搖搖尾巴。


    • 1. 【口】女[S]

  3. 變化形

    • 名複: shes

    • abbr.abbreviation

      = standard hydrogen electrode 【化】標準氫電極
    • comb. form

      (構成名詞)表示女,雌(如:she-goat, she-devil)
    • pron.代名詞

      她; 它; 她
    • n.名詞

      女人; 女孩


    • 她,女性


    • pron.代名詞



    • pron.代名詞



    • she的名詞複數
    • abbr.abbreviation

      = heraldry
    • pron.代名詞

  1. 知識+

    |約 29514 之 1-3 筆

    her or herself

    "herself" is a reflexive pronoun. Both "herself" and "her..., one thing is different between them. Since "herself" is reflexive, so whatever the verb does will reflect back, for example...

    her place?????????

    her place = 從字面上看是『她的地方』,但是多半是暗指她家、她的住處,但也有可能是她租的房間、或是她的辦公室...等her house = 很明顯地指出『她的房子』,在國外房子有 house 和 apartment 的區別...


    She May be the face I can't forget. 她,可能...have to pay. 可能是我的寶藏,或是我要付出的代價。 She may be the song that summer sings. 她,可能是夏日... of my life is 我生命的意義是 She, she, oh she 她、她、噢 她。

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