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  1. silently
    KK[ˋsaɪləntlɪ] DJ[ˋsailəntli]
  2. ad.副詞

    • 1. 寂靜地;沉默地

      We finished breakfast silently. 我們默默地吃完了早飯。
  3. 變化形

    • 副變: more silently,most silently

    • adv 副詞



    • 寂靜地,沈默地
    • silently的副詞最高級
    • silently的副詞比較級
  1. 知識+

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    Silently watch (or observe) its changing. You might ask why not change. In my opinion...quot;, it is in its noun form, not verb, so it loses the action in the meaning. or Silently watching (or observing) its change, Here I use "watching or...


    1.silently 安靜地,沉默地 He read books silently. 2.certainly 無庸置疑地...

    A Christmas Carol (小氣財神) 急~~

    ... replying, 靈魂(聖靈)指向一個墳墓沒有回應, the ghost pointed silently down at the grave. 鬼魂靜靜的指向一個墳墓 2008-11-26 01:00:49 補充: ...

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