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  1. stand for
    • 1. 代表

      Before we elect him to parliament, we want to know what he stands for. 我門選他當議員之前, 先要知道他的主張如何。What do the letters N.B. stand for? N.B.這兩個字母代表什麼?
    • 2. 支持; 容忍

      The teacher will not stand for fooling around in the classroom. 教師不允許學生在教室裡胡鬧。I stand for freedom of speech for everyone regardless of color, race or creed. 我主張每個人都有言論自由, 不管其膚色, 種族及信仰。He can't stand for those who put on airs. 他不能容忍擺架子的人。
  2. 同義字

  3. 反義字

    • 代表;象徵


    • vt 及物動詞



    • vt 及物動詞



    • 代表,象徵,意味著
    • 做...的保釋人; 為...提供保釋金


    • 支持, 捍衛
    • 堅決要求; 贊成
    • 做……的保釋人;為……提供保釋金


    • 堅決要求
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    mean??stand for??

    stand for something if a letter, an abbreviation, or a symbol stands for something, that is what it means or represents (http://www.macmillandictionary...


    No. stands for number. It also stands for numero sign. ...°" or "Nº", may suffice as a substitute for the numero sign, but only if it is to be presented exclusively...

    AACE 的全名是啥意思?

    AACE stands for: American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists...sentence or even the entire paragraph that this abbreviation appears to determine what it stands for exactly.

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