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  1. stand for


    • ph.
      代表;支持; 容忍
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    • ph.
    • 1. 代表

      Before we elect him to parliament, we want to know what he stands for. 我門選他當議員之前, 先要知道他的主張如何。

      What do the letters N.B. stand for? N.B.這兩個字母代表什麼?

    • 2. 支持; 容忍

      The teacher will not stand for fooling around in the classroom. 教師不允許學生在教室裡胡鬧。

      I stand for freedom of speech for everyone regardless of color, race or creed. 我主張每個人都有言論自由, 不管其膚色, 種族及信仰。





    • ph. 做...的保釋人; 為...提供保釋金

    • She stood bail for her son. 她把兒子保釋出來了。

    • ph. 支持, 捍衛

    • We should be ready at all times to stand up for truth. 我們應當隨時準備捍衛真理。

      I believe that you are innocent of the crime and I'll stand up for you anywhere. 我相信你無罪, 無論在何地我都將維護你。

    • ph. 堅決要求; 贊成

    • I'm standing out against his idea; I'm standing out for my own which is better. 我堅決反對他的意見, 我贊成我自己的看法, 這比他的強。

      The nurses have been offered an extra 5%, but they're standing out for a 7% pay rise. 當局答應給護士增加5%的工資, 但她們堅持要得到7%的增幅。

    • ph. 做……的保釋人;為……提供保釋金

    • She stood bail for her son. 她把兒子保釋出來了。

    • ph. 堅決要求

    • They were standing out for higher wages. 他們堅持要增加薪資。

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    • ph.
    • The American flag stands for freedom and justice. 美國國旗代表自由及公平。

      What do the letters UN stand for? 字母UN代表什麼?

    • vt.
    • OUP stands for Oxford University Press OUP代表牛津大學出版社
    • vt.
    • OUP stands for Oxford University Press OUP代表牛津大學出版社
    • ph.
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      stand for something if a letter, an abbreviation, or a symbol stands for something, that is what it means or represents (http://www.macmillandictionary...

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      No. stands for number. It also stands for numero sign. ...°" or "Nº", may suffice as a substitute for the numero sign, but only if it is to be presented exclusively...

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      AACE stands for: American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists...sentence or even the entire paragraph that this abbreviation appears to determine what it stands for exactly.