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  1. stand on ceremony
    • 1. 拘於禮節

      Help yourself to whatever you want; don't stand on ceremony. 你要什麼自己拿, 不要拘禮節。
    • 講究客套
    • 過分拘束,拘於禮節,講究客套
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    |約 14 之 1-3 筆

    有關stand 的片語?!

    ...stands on the witness's testimony. 此案要依據證人的證詞來處理。 20.stand on ceremony講究客套 Please don't stand on ceremony. 請不要拘禮。 2007-05-18 12...


    ...2.慣用吧...可是我記的通常WHETHER都跟OR NOT連用!! 3.STAND忍受 4.如果不是跟茶比,咖啡會是最好喝的 5.簡單句 都是自己的意見啦...


    ... easy and fun. In the morning, students had to stand on the playground for the flag-raising ceremony and listened to the president’s boring preaching for 30...

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