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  1. stand out
    • 1. 突出, 顯著

      Fred was very tall and stood out in the crowd. 高大的弗雷德在人群中特別顯眼。We've got thirteen people, and we only need twelve for this game, so someone will have to stand out. 我們有十三個人, 但只需十二個人參加比賽, 總得有一個人不參加。The destroyer was standing out to sea, out of the range of the cannon on shore. 那艘驅逐離岸向海上駛去, 超出了岸上砲火射程之外。His red hair made him stand out in a crowd. 他的紅頭髮使他在人群中很突出。
    • 2. 堅持

      The national leadership signed the agreement, but several local unions are still standing out. 全國性的領導機構簽訂了協議, 但一些地方工會仍拒絕執行。
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    突出, 顯著
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    stand out例句; From adding smoky depth to rich sauces for meat and ...something special in chocolate desserts, coffee can make your cooking stand out ! 把煙燻風味增添到肉品和蔬菜用的濃郁醬料、燉物裡的少許勁味、巧克力甜品...


    stand out as 這是固定的片語,就我所知及翻閱字典所得知,並沒有stand out being的寫法,所以這句話你若是用stand out這個片語,而又不改變句子...


    ... a crush 就是臺灣人說的 "煞到" 4. The tall caucasian stands out in a crowd of short asians. - stand out 就是很 "突出" 和 "明顯...

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