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  1. substitute

    KK[ˋsʌbstə͵tjut] DJ[ˋsʌbstitju:t]
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. 代替人;代替物;代用品[C][(+for)]

      Is saccharin a good substitute for sugar? 糖精是糖的良好替代品嗎?


    • 1. 用……代替;代替[(+for)]

      Home-made parts are being substituted for imported ones. 國產零件取代進口零件。Mary is ill and Laura is to substitute her. 瑪麗病了,羅拉代替她。


    • 1. 替代;作代替者[(+for/as)]

      Only art can substitute for nature. 唯有藝術能代替自然。He substitutes as our teacher of English. 他代任我們的英語教師。


    • 1. 代替的;代用的;替補的

      The new substitute sweetener is made from a wild plant. 這一新的代用甜味劑是用一種野生植物製成的。
  3. 變化形

    • 名複: substitutes

    • 動變: substituted,substituted,substituting

  4. 同義字

    vt. 替代;交換
    • v 動詞

      [T] to use something new or different instead of something else 用〔新的或不同的事物〕代替

      [I,T] to do someone's job until the person who usually does it is able to do it again 替代﹐頂替; 替換

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      substitute sth for/with sth
    • n [C]可數名詞

      someone who does someone else's job for a limited period of time especially in a sports team or performance 代替者; 替補隊員[演員]

      something new or different that you use instead of something else that you used previously 代替物﹐替代品

    • 代替
    • 代替
    • n.名詞

    • ph.片語

    • n [C]可數名詞

      AmE -a teacher who teaches a class when the usual teacher is ill 【美】代課教師; SUPPLY TEACHER BrE -【英】
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